In this conversation with Vicki Hoefle, founder of Parenting On Track™ & Author of Duct Tape Parenting we speak with Denise Schipani author of Mean Moms Rule. Denise contacted us for an interview to talk about Duct Tape Parenting and Vicki's tips, strategies, and philosophies around chores. We were thrilled and accepted her invitation to share our experience on a podcast.

Denise has been self-employed as a writer and editor since her Son #2 was born (in the words of Son #1: “Mommy works upstairs!”). Before that, she was a magazine editor, mostly at women’s and parenting magazines and she is a Mean Mom.

That’s the very first line of her book, Mean Moms Rule. To explain the “mean” for you, in case you were under the impression that she never hugs her boys or that she advocates for children to work in coal mines. She says “mean” because her approach often bucks the prevailing parenting trend, which you could call helicopter-y or indulgent. It's mean because it’s not easy. Because it’s focused on the end game, not the here-and-now (and anyone who has kids’ll tell you, they are all about the here and now).

Thanks Denise for the interview.

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