In this conversation with Vicki Hoefle, founder of Parenting On Track™ & Author of Duct Tape Parenting we speak with Millie Shaw,a mom of two children. 

Millie was introduced to Vicki's parenting approach about 8 months ago and while the concepts and philosophy resonated with Millie, she is experiencing some challenges while transitioning from her authoritarian style of parenting to a democratic style of parenting. You can learn more about Millie's journey on her blog, Confessions of an Authoritarian Parent. 

Millie has been gracious enough to let us record her questions and conversations with Vicki, so we can share them with you. Our hope is that you find some clarity, inspiration and answers to challenges you may be experiencing. In this conversation Vicki and Millie discuss time-outs, choices, and power-struggles with young kids. Feel free to post your own questions or offer your comments, we'd love to hear from you.. 

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