Shalagh and Jeff were introduced to a more “hands off approach” to parenting nearly four years ago when their daughters were 5 and 3.5.  Jeff admits to talking too much and feeling frustrated with all the time the girls wasted “noodling around” and Shalagh (who I nicknamed Sassy during a class she attended) was a self proclaimed Micro Managing Monster.  Oh how things have changed.  Imagining the potential for a long and grueling adolescence with 2 daughters 18 months apart, Shalagh and Jeff went on a quest to find a parenting approach that would ensure their girls would enter the tween years feeling confident, happy and engaged in their world.  Shalagh admits that the girls were a bit confused by the sudden change in their parents approach.  Where once mom managed every aspect of their lives – picking out clothes, packing lunches, organizing activities and time – suddenly they were given a chance to jump in and take control.  Shalagh and Jeff share stories about the shift from a micromanaging style of parenting to a less-is-more approach to parenting. For a summary of the interview, visit