Kathy and Steve Haskell are busy, active, family oriented parents raising three delightful, happy, curious children.  Kathy is a full-time mom, part-time ski coach and a small business owner.  Both Kathy and Steve are committed to raising independent, self-reliant, resilient children and have been using my Less is More Approach since their oldest was an infant.  I met Kathy before she had children at an in-service where she was, if nothing else, reluctant to consider giving up time-outs as a viable classroom management tool. During this interview, she shares her “a-ha” moment in the classroom and how she changed her entire approach to working with kids. Living a busy lifestyle doesn’t include being out of balance for Kathy and Steve. They attribute this to their decision to include the kids in the planning and executing of their lives together. The techniques I share made it easy for them all. I asked Kathy to share what the impact might be in both schools and within the home if the trend towards a more hands off approach to parenting continued. Her answers were music to my soul.  Enjoy this honest and informative conversation with Kathy.  For a summary of this audio interview, visit www.vickihoefle.com/case-study#haskell