Cindy and Bruce are juggling a full schedule while raising three children.  Cindy is an, Author, Professional Speaker and Comedian and Full-Time Inn Keeper.  Bruce is a full-time Inn Keeper and ski coach. In her typically hilarious style Cindy shares her life which in her words, goes something like this “Life is random.  Guests are either coming or going.  I’m hanging with the kids in the kitchen chatting around the butcher block, then it’s off to sports, or preparing food for guests, then cleaning toilets and making beds, throw off the apron and get in a car or on a plane for my next speaking engagement.  There is the potential for life to be out of control with that schedule, but it isn’t.  It sounds crazy, but it works for us.” The story of her youngest child’s conversion from sitting on the sidelines acting like the “crowned prince” as everyone around waited on him to engaged and empowered participator will have you in stiches.  Listen to the story in her own words.  For a summary of the interview, visit