July 24 2012

Case Study: Cindy Pierce and Bruce Lingelbach, parents of three

Cindy and Bruce are juggling a full schedule while raising three children.  Cindy is an, Author, Professional Speaker and Comedian and Full-Time Inn Keeper.  Bruce is a full-time Inn Keeper and ski coach. In her typically hilarious style Cindy shares her life which in her words, goes something like this “Life is random.  Guests are either coming or going.  I’m hanging with the kids in the kitchen chatting around the butcher block, then it’s off to sports, or preparing food for guests, then cleaning toilets and making beds, throw off the apron and get in a car or on a plane for my next speaking engagement.  There is the potential for life to be out of control with that schedule, but it isn’t.  It sounds crazy, but it works for us.” The story of her youngest child’s conversion from sitting on the sidelines acting like the “crowned prince” as everyone around waited on him to engaged and empowered participator will have you in stiches.  Listen to the story in her own words.  For a summary of the interview, visit www.vickihoefle.com/case-studies/#pierce


Case Study: Shalagh and Jeff Blanck, parents of two

Shalagh and Jeff were introduced to a more “hands off approach” to parenting nearly four years ago when their daughters were 5 and 3.5.  Jeff admits to talking too much and feeling frustrated with all the time the girls wasted “noodling around” and Shalagh (who I nicknamed Sassy during a class she attended) was a self proclaimed Micro Managing Monster.  Oh how things have changed.  Imagining the potential for a long and grueling adolescence with 2 daughters 18 months apart, Shalagh and Jeff went on a quest to find a parenting approach that would ensure their girls would enter the tween years feeling confident, happy and engaged in their world.  Shalagh admits that the girls were a bit confused by the sudden change in their parents approach.  Where once mom managed every aspect of their lives – picking out clothes, packing lunches, organizing activities and time – suddenly they were given a chance to jump in and take control.  Shalagh and Jeff share stories about the shift from a micromanaging style of parenting to a less-is-more approach to parenting. For a summary of the interview, visit www.vickihoefle.com/case-studies#blanck


July 20 2012

Parenting Strategy: Interview with Michelle Icard

In this conversation with Vicki Hoefle, founder of Parenting On Track™, we talk with Michelle Icard creator of middle school programs that support kids as they navigate the ever changing social landscape of middle school. In 2004, Michelle Icard launched Athena’s Path, a curriculum that helps girls navigate the tricky middle school social scene. Shortly after, she added Hero’s Pursuit for boys, and in 2011 launched her website for parents of middle schoolers: MichelleintheMiddle.com. Athena’s Path & Hero’s Pursuit have been implemented in 30 schools, in five states, and have impacted over 7,000 students. Over 250 teachers have been trained to implement the programs in schools. Michelle regularly speaks at schools and parenting events around the country.  She has also written curriculum for other national programs for adolescents, including Girlology and Girls Rock the House. Michelle lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband, 12 year-old daughter, and 10 year-old son. For additional information please visit http://www.michelleinthemiddle.com

Parenting On Track™ offers parents strategies that help parents raise capable, cooperative, responsible, respectful, and resilient kids. Visit http://www.parentingontrack.com or http://www.vickihoefle.com, find us on facebook or follow us on twitter @parentontrack for more information.


July 13 2012

Case Study: Christina Gilman, mom of two

Chris and Mark are committed, creative and active parents raising two independent, self-sufficient and motivated children. The entire family loves the outdoors and their idea of the perfect vacation is to spend two weeks on the road together making memories – in very close quarters. Chris and Mark were introduced to the Less is More approach to parenting when their kids were three-years and eighteen-months old. Eight years later they can attest to the many benefits this approach to parenting has for every member of the family. Because the kids were raised with this approach, they embody many adult character traits (respectful, responsible, cooperative, independent and kind) yet remain vibrant young people interested and curious about the world they live in. Challenging your beliefs about what it means to be a “good mom or dad” is the most challenging. Discover how Chris and Mark challenged their beliefs and what happened for their kids and their family as a result. For a summary of this interview visit www.vickihoefle.com/case-studies#gilman.


Case Study: Lindsay Hay, mom of three

Lindsay and Matt are low-key, quiet, “chill” parents raising three energetic, curious and precious boys. They are a close-knit family that is learning to balance two different styles – calm and centered with curious and high energy. Mom and Dad have used time-outs, nagging, micro-managing and other “band-aid tactics in an attempt to maintain order and consistency within the home. As a result, they saw an increase in power struggles, sibling squabbles and frustration. After only a year, Lindsay and Matt along with their three bright–eyed and eager boys are creating a home that works for them all. The boys help out on a regular basis, are more cooperative with each other, are learning to solve their own problems and the family is creating routines that support all the different personalities. This family of five is looking forward to growing together and supporting each other by focusing on each other strengths, remembering the important of the relationships and remaining flexible with their routines. For a summary of this audio interview visit www.vickihoefle.com/case-studies#hay


July 12 2012

Case Study: Kathy Haskell, mom of three

Kathy and Steve Haskell are busy, active, family oriented parents raising three delightful, happy, curious children.  Kathy is a full-time mom, part-time ski coach and a small business owner.  Both Kathy and Steve are committed to raising independent, self-reliant, resilient children and have been using my Less is More Approach since their oldest was an infant.  I met Kathy before she had children at an in-service where she was, if nothing else, reluctant to consider giving up time-outs as a viable classroom management tool. During this interview, she shares her “a-ha” moment in the classroom and how she changed her entire approach to working with kids. Living a busy lifestyle doesn’t include being out of balance for Kathy and Steve. They attribute this to their decision to include the kids in the planning and executing of their lives together. The techniques I share made it easy for them all. I asked Kathy to share what the impact might be in both schools and within the home if the trend towards a more hands off approach to parenting continued. Her answers were music to my soul.  Enjoy this honest and informative conversation with Kathy.  For a summary of this audio interview, visit www.vickihoefle.com/case-study#haskell